Black Day against India observed across the Faisalabad

Black Day against India observed across the Faisalabad


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On the directions of Punjab Govt. The Black Day against India was observed across the Faisalabad Division. Protests, rallies  and other events were hold to show solidarity with kashmiri  brethren and to condemn the Indian atrocities in held kashmir. The Black flags were hoisted on the Public and private buildings and banners were displayed on the roads, intersections, markets and other public places. The main protest rally was organized by divisional Administration in connection with the Black Day.

The rally was taken out from District Council Chowk which was led by Divisional Commissioner Mehmood Javed Bhatti,  RPO Ghulam Mehmood Dogar, Deputy Commissioner Tariq Khan Niazi, MPA’s Latif Nazar, SHakeel SHahid and Firdous Rai. The rally was attended by DG FDA Amir Aziz, DG PHA Asif Ch., CEO Education Ali Ahmad Siyan, CEO Health Dr. Mushtaq Sipra, Director Labor Munawar Awan, ADC(HQ) Qaiser  Abbas Rind, ACG Musawar Niazi,SSP OPeration Syed Ali Raza, Director Colleges Dr. M.Alam, DD Colleges Imdadullah Ch., and other officers of different departments along with their staff while members of professional photographer association, representative of FCCI Ch. M.Nawaz, Chairman Council of Power looms owners association Waheed Khaliq Ramay and a large number of general public participated in the protest rally.

The rally started from District Council Chowk and culminated at Halal-e- Ahmar Chowk by passing through Agriculture University road,Ladies Park and Lyallpur Museum. The participants were carrying banners, placards and black flags inscribed the slogans against the crulities of India in held kashmir. They chanted slogans against India and in favor /support of kashmiri brethren.

Expressing his views, Divisional Commissioner said that the Pakistani nation could not be remained silence on the gross violation and brutality of Indian forces with the innocent kashmiries and we would raise the voice on all forum in support of kashmiri brethren. He maintained that the objectives of observing the Black Day on on Indian Independence Day was to create effective awareness for the whole world about the oppression and brutality of Indian forces on the innocent kashmiri people. The Commissioner said that black day was being observed throughout the four districts of Faisalabad division like other parts of the country and protest rallies with black flags had been taken out from every corner of the division to highlight the message that the people of pakistan were with the kashmiri people yesterday, are inseparable today and will remain their part and parcel for all time to come.

RPO Ghulam Mehmood Dogar also spoke on the occasion and said that the sacred blood of innocent kashmiri people being shed in their struggle and fight since long years will definitely attain the desired objective of achieving independence of occupied kashmir. He saluted the sacrifices of kashmiri people and  vowed that we would continue the support till their independence.

Deputy Commissioner Tariq Niazi said that India cannot suppress the independence movement  by com mulling brutality on kashmiries  so as the independence  is fundamental right of the kashmiri people which they will achieve at all cost.

MPA’s Latif Nazar, Shakeel Shahid and Firdous Rai said that the entire nation was observing black day against the Indian forces atrocities in held kashmir. They said that nation is unterned ob kashmir issue and complete morak and diplomatic support would  continue until the independence of held kashmir. They said that cleverness and shrewdness of Moodi Government has been disclosed before the world. They said that India cannot with hold and sustain its undue  occupation over held kashmir by inflicting opperesion and tyranny on the innocent  people of kashmir.

Meanwhile a protest rally was also held at Sammundri which was led by Punjab Minister for Excise and Taxation Hafiz Mumtaz Ahmad.Assisant Commissioner Faisal Sultan and a large number of citizen belonging to different walk of life attended the protest rally. Speaking the participants,The Punjab Minister for Excise Hafiz Mumtaz Ahmad said that we will not leave the kashmiri brethren also in their difficult time and now this moments of their independence were very  near  and present govt. under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Imran Kha would utilize all out efforts and resources for resolving the kashmir issue as per the will of kashmiries.

Moreover black day was observed in district jhang, T.T.Singh and Chiniot, Jaranwala, Chak Jhunmra, Tandlianwala and other parts of the faisalabad division. Protest allies were taken out to condemn the Indian extreme aggression and to show solidarity with kashmiri people.

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