DAC Social Acceptance visit HRCP, Discuss Rights’ Situation

DAC Social Acceptance visit HRCP, Discuss Rights’ Situation


NEWS Line:

The delegation of District Action Committee (DAC) from social Acceptance for all visited the directorate of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) in Lahore. The DAC met director HRCP Muna Baig, Program Officer HRCP Tahira Habib and others there.

The delegation was led by convener DAC and former Assistant Secretary Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists Hamid Yaseen. The members of the DAC, the Head of the History and Pakistan Studies department GCUF Dr. Rizwan Ullah Kokab, the Head of the Political Science department GCUF Dr. Ghulam Mustafa and the Labour Officer (factories) Qamar Abbas were part of the delegation. The member Punjab Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW) Shazia George, the executive director AWAM Nazia Sardar, the program officer AWAM Naseem Anthony and senior journalist Mian Iftakhar Ahmed also with them.

The current media situation and position of freedom of expression in country was discussed in the meeting. The right base activities and situation of human rights in Faisalabad was also discussed. The condition of social acceptance of all and concerns about marginalized communities especially women, minorities, trans genders, industrial labour and domestic workers were also discussed.

The director HRCP Muna Baig said that the right base moves always face many problems but we have to work for it. The situation of human rights in the country is very poor. Marginalized communities are facing worst conditions and it needs attention of civil society.  

The director HRCP Muna Baig said that the situation of freedom of expression is worse in the country and civil society has to raise voice against it. The Urdu Press is ignoring the Human Right violation issues in general that have to be controlled.

Dr. Rizwan Ullah Kokab and Dr. Ghulam Mustafa said that they are trying to promote research on human rights issues so that the real picture of Pakistan furnished to the world.

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