GCUF Ex-PRO Qadir Mushtaq punished on Plagiarism

Ex-PRO of GCUF Abdul Qadir Mushtaq found punished on Plagiarism


Nadeem Javed:

The former Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Government College University Faisalabad (GCUF) Dr. Abdul Qadir Mushtaq (AQM) had found involved in Plagiarized Research. GCUF administration had punished him on recommendation of Plagiarism Standing Committee (PSC). Mr. Qadir is also facing the institutional inquiry on allegations of anti-state activities on Social Media.

According to News Line, GCUF administration constituted a high level Plagiarism Standing Committee (PSC) to investigate the allegations of plagiarism against Dr. Abdul Qadir Mushtaq during the tenure of Ex-Vice Chancellor Dr. Muhammad Ali. The PSC declared Mr. Qadir guilty as involved in self-plagiarism. The PSC gave its recommendations to GCUF administration for punishment.

GCUF administration punished Mr. Qadir on plagiarism and had given the reported to HEC about his plagiarized research and activity, according to sources. The punishment on plagiarism has put a question mark on the career of Mr. Qadir and his future.

Mr. Qadir may be dismissed from University and has to face PEDA act inquiry on this punishment serious allegation regarding research, according to legal experts. The experts says that HEC has no-tolerance policy on plagiarism and punished many of senior research scholars on plagiarism including his director level employee. Dr. Qadir might not be able for further promotions and must be exclude in selection process of all higher level recruitments in any educational and research institute, legal experts added.

Former PRO of GCUF is also facing an inquiry on allegations of anti-state activities on Social Media. GCUF Vice Chancellor has constituted a high level inquiry committee under the supervision of senior faculty member Dr. Tayyaba Sultana on this serious allegation. The allegations of anti-state activities was put by University syndicate member Mr. Shakil Shahid but he did not nominated Mr. Qadir. The name of Mr. Qadir was put by a university employee Usman, who was already facing inquiry on this allegation. Although the inquiry committee was bound to investigate the matter till 30th July, but till the date inquiry committee could not investigate the matter and nor concluded its recommendations.

The punishment on Plagiarism and anti-state activities of such a senior faculty member has also put a question mark on abilities of GCUF faculty members like Dr Abdul Qadir Mushtaq.

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