Government invalidate license of 280 registered NGOs

Government invalidate license of 280 registered NGOs

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Government turned down license of 280 NGOs working different areas of the country. These NGOs has been ordered to stop working and rolled back all dealings. These licenses were canceled in the early days of this year. These NGOs have been conveyed to stop their operations till March 2019.  

According to reports the Government invalidate NGOs were working in different sectors and operational in various areas of Pakistan. The 135 NGOs were Islamabad based, 73 Karachi, 46 Lahore, 12 Peshawar, 7 Multan, 2 Sukkur, One Quetta and 4 are Faisalabad based. The officials said that the NGOs which had their licenses invalidated would have to put an end to all their activities and were only allowed to ensure recovery of their dues.

These NGOs cannot receive funds through any source and their properties and assets could be transferred under law. However, they still would need clearance from concerned departments. These nonprofit organizations were licensed as association with charitable and not for profit objects. Under the said provisions of law, the license of associations may be revoked, at any time by order in writing. Despite of this, the license of those NGO may be canceled that is being run by persons who are involved in money laundering or terror financing.

Interestingly, these NGOs were not conveyed earlier about any illegal activity or funding. After the concealment of license, these NGOs must have to roll back their operations and could not get funds by any national or international source.

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