Labour Rights’ Struggle: Faisalabad Trade Unions Network Formed

Labour Rights’ Struggle: Faisalabad Trade Unions Network Formed



Labour Rights’ Struggle having streamline in textile city, Faisalabad. More than a dozen trade union working for labour rights ave formed a Faisalabad Trade Unions Network. A preliminary meeting have been held today chaired by LQM leader Aslam Meraj. The network formed to struggle for rights of workers from different sectors.

Faisalabad Trade Unions Network having 13 labour organizations while Media Lawyers Civil Society Forum, Faisalabad NGOs Network and National Minorities Alliance announced soliderty with FTUN. The network have the trade orgnizations Labour Qaumi Movement, Faisalabad Union of Journalists, Faisalabad Newspapers Employees Union, Pakistan Textile Workers Federation and Punjab Teachers Association. The Pakistan Road Transport Workers Federation, Solid Waste Workers Union, Bhatta Mazdoor Tahreek, Non-Formal Workers Front, PESSI Workers Association, Al Pakistan Clerck Association are also part of the network. Pakistan Workers Federation and Faisalabad Textile Workers Federation are also with the network.

A preliminary meeting to form the Trade Unions’ Network was held today. The representatives of all the bodies except two unions participated in the meeting and agreed to form the network and to struggle togather for workers rights.

The General Secretary LQM Alsam Meraj, General Secretary FUJ Nadeem Javed, Bashir Shaker of PTWF, Chairman PRTWF Mian Shahbaz, Wajid Gujjer of APCA, Hafiq Ghulam Mohyuddin of Teachers Association, Rab Nawaz Watto from PESSI workers, Lala Robin Denial from Solid Waste workers, Razia Aziz, Mian Nadeem, Sh. Sultan Mehmood of MLSFP and some others address the occasion.

It was decided to struggle togather for the basic rights of workers and to implement the laws in fectories and other institutions. The FTUN demandsfull  implementation of laws regarding workers rights with its spirit. All the organizations expressed solidarity with LQM and announced to participated in upcoming agitation of LQM on March 18 with the demand of implementation on gazette notification regarding labour wages.    

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