Media Excellency award: with the name of Shamsul Islam Naz

Media Excellency award has been announced to pay tribute to great journalist Shamsul Islam Naz by FUJ.

Ahmed Yaseen


Faisalabad Union of Journalists has announced media excellency award and scholarships in the name of great journalist Shamsul Islam Naz to pay tribute to his services. It was announced during the condolence reference of Shamsul Islam naz, held in University of Agriculture Faisalabad under the banner of FUJ. FUJ announced Naz’s book too. Former Assistant Secretary Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists Hamid Yaseen، Former President FUJ Ajmal Malik and Former Chairman PEMRA Absar Aalam presented the ideas of Award, Scholarships and book publishing. The General Secretary FUJ Nadeem Javed accept the ideas and announced to work for this accordingly.

Former Chairman PEMRA Absar Aalam also expressed his views in the condolence refence. Mr. Aalam  paid great tribute to Shamsul Islam Naz and his services for journalism, journalists, media industry, trade union and humanity.  He offers his services for all the works in the name of Shamsul Islam Naz. He said that Mr. naz  

The Former president FPCCI Mian Muhammad Adrees (Sitara Group) announced Shamsul Islam Naz scholarships in his institute, Ali Fatima College. He also offers his cooperation for book publishing and all other activities. Mr. Adrees shared his memories and asked that Mr. Naz was his neighbor from childhood to old age and he has good memories regarding him. he said that media excellency award and scholarships will be the best tribute to Shamsul Islam.

The president FCCI Mr. Zia Alamdar shah also shared his memories, time spent with Shamsul Islam Naz. He said  that Mr. Naz gave Faisalabad an international fame using his abilities and journalistic work.

Treasurer PFUJ Waseem Farooq Shahid, former Vice president PFUJ Nawaz Tahir and President FUJ Tahir Rasheed also shared their mermories. Social activist Amina Zaman and Zaman Khan memorized shams’s work for human rights. Arif Ayaz (Awami Workers Party) paid compliment to Mr. Naz for his work for marginalized communities. Labour Leaders Mian Shahbaz, Rana Ahmed Ali, Aslam Wafa and Baba Latif also paid tribute to Shamsul Islam Naz.

The Former president District Bar council Malik Amjad Hussain memorized his memoirs  of Mr. Naz from childhood to old age. Dr. Khurram Zia, Dr Khurram Raja, Dr Jilal Araf also paid tribute to Shams’s services for humanity. Member FEC of PFUJ Javed Siddiqi and senior journalist Muhammad Shafiq also expressed their views. Chairman Power looms owners association Waheed Khaliq Ramay also shared his memories about Mr. Shamsul Islam Naz. The School Principal Rao Muhammad Iqbal and President Teachers association Ch. Safder also condole with the grieved. The student of Shamsul Islam Naz, Muqaddas Waraich recalls his innocent reminiscences. PPP leader Badar Chaudhary and Rana Naeem Dastgeer also paid tribute to Shams Naz. Chairman Pakistan Ulma Council Sahibzada Zahid Mehmood Qasmi also speaks and memorized good work of Shamsul Islam. Convener MLCFP Shiekh Sultan Mehmood also expressed his memories about Shamsul Islam Naz adherently. Aficionados of late Shamsul Islam, Hamid Yaseen, Zeshan Khan, Wasim Nawaz and Noorul Amin also paid tribute to Mr. Naz.

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