Rapidly Create Jobs for The Youth

Unveil Pakistan’s most ambitious Job Creation Strategy to create 10 million jobs across five years, along with a special focus on skill-building through TVETA training.

Revive Manufacturing & Facilitate Growth of SME Sector

Announce an immediate support package of reduced taxes, bring energy prices in alignment with regional competitors, clear the backlog of refund/rebates, launch a labour policy to safeguard workers and provide upskilling. Introduce additional incentives for Pakistan’s manufacturing industry in order to compete in international markets, boost exports, and create jobs.

Launching Policy Framework to Build 5 Million Houses

Launch the Prime Minister’s Housing programme, to build 5 million housing units for the middle and lower income segments in 5 years through the private sector. This will boost industry, create jobs and provide shelter.

Boost The Tourism Industry

Build framework for private sector investment to develop new and upgrade existing facilities. Initiate conversion of all government guest houses into hotels open to the public. Identify 4 new tourism destinations within the first 100 days for development.

Reform The Tax Administration

Appoint a bold, capable and dynamic FBR chairman immediately; launch FBR reform and share a business friendly and equitable tax policy within 100 days to revive the economy and reduce debt dependence.

Make Pakistan Business Friendly

Build the “Council of Business Leaders” chaired by the PM to improve “Doing Business” in Pakistan, to attract investment, encourage participation of overseas Pakistanis and grow exports and bring the country within the top 100 in Doing Business rankings in 5 years from the current position of 147th.

Transform Key Institutions

Begin turnaround of key State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) by creating the Pakistan Wealth Fund and by taking SOEs out of the purview of line ministries. Start reform of PIA, Railways, Pakistan Steel Mills, GenCos, DisCos and other enterprises on an emergency basis

Fix Pakistan’s Energy Challenge

Immediately begin work to shift towards sustainable and affordable energy. Address root causes of circular debt, initiate regulatory reforms designed to move away from rent seeking models and towards increasing system efficiency and recovery of losses.

Ensure CPEC Translates Into A Game Changer

Launch action plan to transform CPEC into a true economic corridor as opposed to an infrastructure project. Enable growth in agriculture, industries and services sector by creating better two-way linkages with China.

Enhance Access to Finance for Citizens & Industry

Ensure National Financial Inclusion Strategy implementation is streamlined and capitalising on the digital ecosystem. Develop a plan to increase deposit base of banks to 50% of GDP to encourage higher savings. Expedite establishment of an infrastructure lending bank for large projects.

Click the above picture for watch performance of 100 days agenda of Imran Khan

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