PWDs needs more attention of Media as watch-dog

PWDs needs more attention of Media as watch-dog



All sectors of life have to work to work the betterment and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. Media have to be especial focus as watch dog on placement of PWDs’ quota in government departments and educational institutes. It was decided in a “orientational workshop about rights of PWD and responsibilities of society” held under the banner of AWAM in which representatives of NGOs, CBOs and media outlets participated.

Director Special Education Pakistan Jawad Afzal, Executive director AWAM Nazia Sardar, Naseem Anthony and Shazia George demonstrate about the rights of Person with disability. It was also discussed in the meeting that PWDs are a part of the society. They have no to be considered as a dull part of community and useless portion of lifecycle but must treated as special and try to made them useful fragment of society.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UNCRDP and amended act of 2012 about the rights of the Persons with Disabilities also discussed in meeting. Many portions of the rights of PWD highlighted and decided to work for them with a new spirits and passions.

The media personals announced to work for the rights of PWDs and highlighted the issues related to them in their news stories. The representatives of CBOs and NGOs pinpoint the weak areas regarding the PWDs and swore to work with new enthusiasm.

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