Qadir’s Candidature for Associate Professor Must Quash

Qadir Mushtaq Candidature for Associate Professor Must Quash due to conviction in offence of plagiarized research papers


Nadeem Javed:

Abdul Qadir Mushtaq Former PRO GCUF has been convicted on plagiarized research and his candidature for Associate Professor must be nullified and quashed. This request was sent to the vice Chancellor and Chairman Syndicate GC University Faisalabad by a candidate of Associate Professor Dr. Iqbal Bhutta. The request to annul the candidature also sent to the university Registrar, secretary and members of selection board and members of syndicate of GCUF.

Mr. Butta told in his application towards VC that the university had announced the seat of Associate Professor in 2005 and the process on the said advertised post yet not been completed.

He again applied for the said post in 2017 when it was again applied but the recruitment process yet not been fair for all. Although he is a candidate and full fill the requirements but not been called for interview in upcoming selection board due to maliafied actions and influence of Qadir Mushtaq.

The applicant told to the VC that Qadir Mushtaq is convicted in offence on plagiarized research by the Plagiarism Standing Committee (PSC) of GCUF. The GCUF administration had told to the HEC about this conviction by the letter number GCUF/Reg/18/1531 dated 15-05-2018. The PSC clearly confessed that Abdul Qadir Mushtaq “opted the offence of self-plagiarism for uplifting his career.” He mention that first of five penalties recommended against him made him ineligible for promotion, selection in next grade for six months and other punishment too. Thus his candidature in previous application that was under process was subject to disqualification as de facto. Mr. Bhutta indicated in his application that the plagiarism case against Qadir Mushtaq was reported on 21st June 2017. HEC referred it to GCUF through its letter Number 216-P/QAD/HEC/2016/347 in 18th August 2017. And the decision of Plagiarism Standing Committee against Mr. Qadir was notified and sent to HEC on 15th May 2018.

Another point was talked about in application that the accused Abdul Qadir Mushtaq again claimed his plagiarized papers in question with his application for Associate Professor submitted on the advertisement published in December 2017 which is being processed now. Qadir also withdrew these plagiarized papers from submitted application in June 2018 which is also a crime. It is demanded that Qadir Mushtaq has to be disqualified in the process of selection being repeatedly used the plagiarized papers as knowing that the papers were already in question under enquiry. Mr. Bhutta insisted to nullify and quash the candidature of Qadir Mustaq in the name of justice and law.

The sources said to the “NEWS Line” that GCUF administration has considered the application of Mr. Iqbal Bhutta and processing it.

Qadir Mushtaq Candidature for Associate Professor Must Quash

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