Sikh Heritage Museum be established in Faisalabad

Sikh Heritage Museum be established in Faisalabad



Punjab Government has decided to establish Sikh Cultural Museum in Faisalabad. The Sikh museum will be established near historical Clock Tower (Ghanta Ghar). Punjab government will set up the historical museum and arranged funds for it. The federal institute “Evacuee Property Trust” will arrange land for the project. According to “NEWS Line” Sikh Heritage Museum will be established at the land of old “Gurdwara PUNJA Sahib, Lyallpur”. The land of “Gurdwara PUNJA Sahib Lyallpur” was handed over to the 1st Federal government and 2nd “Settlement Commissioner”, after independence. Later on, the said land handed over to Evacuee Trust of Pakistan. Now a day, a government school (Pakistan Model School) is established at the point under the control Punjab Education Department. The Evacuee Trust has all the rights of the said property and controls all its affairs.

The PTI laid Punjab Government going to establish a Sikh heritage museum here and it is under consideration that the school may be shifted at any other point. It is under consideration that the historical and cultural information and symbols may be provided in the museum. Punjab government has conveyed the district administration about establishment of Sikh museum.

It is expected that the Sikh and other foreigners may be attracted by the said museum and tourism industry be enhanced by it. The government is consulting different sectors of life about the establishment of Sikh Museum including business community and intellectuals. The establishment of Sikh Heritage museum at Faisalabad is at early stages but it can be a reality in near future.

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