Faisalabad: Public Hospitals are facing shortage of Medicine

Faisalabad: Public Hospitals are facing shortage of Medicine



The third largest city of the country Faisalabad, especially public hospitals, are reported to be facing shortage of life-saving medicines used to treat cancer, angina, diabetes, as well as vaccines for measles, rabies, tetanus, typhoid and hepatitis B. The patients are bound to buy costly medicine from open market and their right to get medicine from public sector are surpassing dur to negligence of management of public sector hospital as well as officials of health ministry. Reportedly, the deficiency of life-saving remedies is observing in biggest hospital of the region Allied Hospital, Divisional Head Quarter Hospital, Tehsile Head Quarter Hospitals, Rural Health Centers, General Hospital Ghulam Muhammadabad, General Hospital Ghulam Samanabad, General Hospital Ghulam Haseeb Shaheed and all medical Dispensaries of the District Faisalabad. Seemingly, the negligence of the Medical Superintends of these hospitals and officials of the District Health Authority is seemed behind the extensive shortage of the medicines. 

It is feared that the disruption in the supply chain of life-saving products and vaccines will trigger a new health crisis alongside Covid-19, which is now spreading fast. This is especially worrying given the fact that the government, in order to divert its resources to Covid-19 patients, has shut down OPDs at public hospitals, which is a precarious situation for people requiring urgent medical treatment. Allowing shortages of life-saving drugs at this time owing to bureaucratic lethargy is unforgivable. The approval and registration of new products has always been a cumbersome process in Pakistan because of bureaucratic obstacles. The industry has to wait for months – and in some cases years – to obtain permission to market the drugs being used effectively elsewhere in the world. The industry, for example, is awaiting permission to import and market certain new drugs to treat cancer and other serious diseases for the last 14 months, depriving patients of a chance to try new treatments. It is, therefore, necessary for the government to reform the entire process of purchasing of drugs as well as issuance of certification of life-saving drugs to ensure the latter’s quick and easy availability, especially in desperate times like these, so that the right of patients to be treated in public sector would be fulfilled.

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