Opinion polling

Pakistan Election Result

General elections are scheduled to be held in Pakistan on the 15th July 2018. In the run up to this, several Pollsters have conducted opinion polls on both the national and provincial level. Graphical summaries Nationwide voting intention Voting intention polls conducted since 2013 for the National Assembly Date Pollster Sample PML-N PTI PPP MQM-P JUI-F ANP Others Lead Mar 2018 Gallup Pakistan 2,000 36% 24% 17% 23% 12% 01 Nov 2017 Gallup Pakistan 3,000 34% 26% 15% 2% 2% 2% 19% 8% 25 Oct 2017 Pulse Consultant 3,243 36%…

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Election 2018: Early Results by Arshed Bhatti

In the USA, ‘scientifically’ (i.e., accurately) predicting election results was booming business till their shopping spree was Trumped in 2016. They had Hillary won, and in the popular vote, she did win. But it was the electoral college countdown where they got beaten, bruised and failed. Trump like phenomenon in Pakistan is not yet on the horizon; Sri Khadim won’t make desi Trump this or in the next elections. His role and function are akin to that of TUQ in 2013. Then, in Pakistan, it’s still the popular vote that…

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