Federal Cabinet Forbidden use Discretionary Funds

The federal cabinet decided to forbidden use of all discretionary funds of President, Prime Minister and Members of federal cabinet as it is an insult to tax payers. Minister of Information Fawad Chaudhary asked the cabinet decisions to the media in press conference. He said that development projects will discussed in parliament and parliament will give its approval. Fawad said that the discretionary powers of all the ministers to grant funds have also revoked. The minister said that last year, previous government spent funds worth Rs21 billion. In addition, Prime minister allocated Rs. 30 billion to MNAs, making it a huge amount of Rs. 51 billion.

Moreover, he added that Imran Khan decided that special plane of prime minister will not be used for foreign visits. Rather, he will travel in ordinary passenger planes and use the club class instead of business or first class. “This discretion has also been abolished for President, Chief Justice, and other senior officials. Cabinet also took decision for forensic audit of all mass transport projects including Metro bus and Lahore Orange Train. The minister said that the government wants to improve the living standard of people and resolve their issues. Federal Govt. will set up a task force to resolve the problems of slums in order to bring them into mainstream. Prime minister has called the next cabinet meeting on Tuesday for more issue discussed and finalized.

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