Media Laws are not acceptable if can’t protect Workers

Media Laws are not acceptable if can’t protect Workers



Faisalabad Union of Journalists denied to accept Media Regulatory Authority if it could not protect workers’ rights. FUJ showed its deep concern over Media Laws which are failed to protect Journalists and media workers across the Pakistan and demands law protecting the workers rights. FUJ also demands an implementation on RPPO and PEMRA rules and punish the owners and officials of the implementation bodies which are acting against law. It was expressed by the president Faisalabad Union of Journalists Tahir Rasheed, General Secretary Nadeem Javed, Former Secretary General Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists Shamsul Islam Naz, Former Assistant Secretary Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists Hamid Yaseen.  

The representatives of FUJ said that the behavior of media owners is much harmful for situation of freedom of press and expression. The media owners always see the scenario with eye on ulterior motives. The situation for journalists all over the Pakistan is not good. The media industry have become “Begar Camps” only due to ulterior  motives of media owners. The media owners could not pay the salaries to their 90% workers. The journalists of surrounding areas work without salaries. There is not a single media organization across the Pakistan who can claim that they pay their all workers. The media owners are selling their Bureaus, demands extortion, lessened to black mail and all it is under the banner of Press.

The officials of PID,  DGPR and PEMRA have joint their hands with media owners and they help each other in corruption. The government advertisements have become a sweet cake for all media outlets. All the media owners have imposed their own censorships on journalists. There is not a single media outlet who have not owners’ ulterior motive policy. The censorship imposed by authorities is not acceptable but side by side the censorship by media owners would also not acceptable for journalists. Media owners are denying to have a professional and independent Editor or Director News in their organization. The owners want marionette Editors and Puppet Editor News in their Media Outlets. There is no any rule of law in media industry and “Begar Camps” are not acceptable. The situation is much harmful for press and freedom of expression.

FUJ officials said that any law and rule would not be acceptable if it can’t be protect workers rights. All the issues will be solved, if PTI government implement RPPO and PEMRA Rules with their letter and spirit. They said that FUJ welcome any law if it protect the workers’ rights. PTI government must keep in mind public interests and workers rights; we are with the government. No media law is acceptable if it can’t protect the workers’ rights; rather it is RPPO, PEMRA rules, PMRA or any other.

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