Persons with Disabilities must be registered with one window operation

Persons with Disabilities must be registered with one window operation



In order to discuss the ordeals of Person with disabilities and role of civil society groups and state institutions an orientation session was convened by Association of Women for Awareness and Motivation in Faisalabad that was attended by more than 80 persons including the representatives of Social Welfare, Labour Department, Trade Unions, Journalists, Bar Associations, persons with disabilities and parents of person with intellectually impaired and mental health problems. The event was presided over by Chaudhry Nazar Latif MPA while the other dignitaries include Chaudhry Abdul Hameed, Dr. Najma Afzal, Nazia Sardar, Dr. Musadaq Hussain, Riaz Kamoka Chairman UC 67, Kashif Mehmood Chairman UC 57 and Saleem Balundia.

Member Punjab Assembly PTI Chaudhry Latif Nazar pledged “the issue concerning to persons which are normally active and these must be discussed in the legislative assembly.” “Civil Society Groups including organizations of/for persons with disabilities and media house should submit their demands and recommendations for the amendments” he further added.

Naseem Anthony, Human Rights Defender said “Despite ratification of United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), national statutes are unable to ensure fair treatment with persons with disabilities and persons with mental health problems.” He called upon the government “state must establish an exclusive department or authority to deal with the affairs of persons with disabilities”.

Former Assistant Secretary Pakistan Federal Union of Journalist Hamid Yaseen said that “there are reserved facilities and quota but to avail such provisions having disability registration certificate is a mandatory document and the process is complicated due to which persons with disabilities by pass the process.” He demanded “the authorities must introduce a one-window operation for the registration of persons with disabilities and along with DHQ hospital, THQ hospitals should also be authorized to register the persons with disabilities.”

Representative Social Welfare Faisalabad Saleem Balundia revealed, “existing legal framework for these persons is outmoded and not according to the need of persons with disabilities thus a new draft with proper consultation with concerned stakeholders is imperative keeping in consideration the international commitments”.

Executive Director AWAM Nazia Sardar said “Persons with disabilities including persons with intellectual disabilities and mental health problems face stigmatization and social exclusion consequently are away from mainstream society.” “State authorities must count the persons with disabilities in holistic manner in order to formulate comprehensive laws and policies for ensuring inclusiveness of persons with disabilities,” she added.

District Officer Special Education Chaudhry Abdul Hameed said “state institutions are facing the issue of scarce funding that affect the performance of the departments.” He further added, “timely disbursement of funds would ensure the performance of the departments and can reduce the grievances of general masses including persons with disabilities”.

Former Parliamentarian Pakistan Muslim League Dr. Najma Afzal said “government must increase the fund allocation in health sector in order to ensure functionality of government rehabilitation centres.” “Though the Punjab government reserved 3% quota for persons with disabilities but weak will of implementation and bureaucratic hurdles is the challenge,” she further briefed.

Chairman Union Council 67 Chaudhry Riaz Kamoka admitted “persons with disabilities are facing the stigma and social exclusion consequently are away from the mainstream.” “In order to achieve the developmental goals, persons with disabilities must include into the mainstream of the development “, he suggested.

Mian Kashif Mehmood Chairman Union Council Madina Town admitted “they are excluded from all walks of life and society and they are limited to play a marginal role in the society.” He pledged, “the recommendation would be forward to the political decision maker for reserving one seat for persons with disabilities in local government”.

Dean at Riphah Inernational University Law Department Dr. Musadaq Hussain said “ these persons encountered primitive and typical attitudes of the society and considered cursed people.” “Society must admit the persons with disabilities a diverse group of society and treat them as a complete human being with certain freedoms and liberties”, he suggested.

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