Impose Agriculture Emergency

Launch PTI’s agriculture policy to increase farmer profitability; reduce taxes on diesel; introduce regenerative agriculture and weed management; encourage a change in crop-mix; and optimise subsidy programmes along with other initiatives.

Improve Access to Finance for Farmers

Collaborate with financial institutions and mobile money operators to develop innovative, easy to access and subsidised lending products for farmers such as warehouse receipt financing.

Transform Agriculture Produce Markets

Initiate a markets and storage expansion drive to ensure competitive prices, including legislation to permit private sector participation. Develop incentive plan to encourage SME level food processing with focus on export.
Revamp The Livestock Sector

Launch plan to become self-sufficient in milk and milk-based products, and introduce a programme to massively expand meat production, in order to bring prosperity to millions of small livestock farmers.


Click the above picture for watch performance of 100 days agenda of Imran Khan

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