Accountability At The Center of Government

Ensure full autonomy for NAB, and establish a special task force to recover looted national wealth parked in offshore tax havens. Recovered wealth will be used on poverty alleviation programmes and for national debt reduction.

Empower People At The Grassroots

Announce plan to roll out upgraded version of KP’s local government system; with powers and resources devolved down to the village level.

Depoliticise & Strengthen Police

Immediately appoint competent, professional and reputable Inspector Generals (IGs) in each province to lead depoliticisation of police by building upon KP’s successful police reform model.

Revolutionalise Access to Justice

Launch PTI’s judicial reforms programme in consultation with the respective High Courts, to ensure speedy and fair disposal of all civil cases within one year and to clear the backlog of pending cases.

Initiate Civil Services Reform

Appoint the most suitable officers in the federal bureaucracy purely on merit. Simultaneously, constitute a taskforce that delivers a blueprint to transform Pakistan’s civil services by ensuring tenure protection and an accountability mechanism to improve credibility, in order to attract and retain the best talent in the country.

Click the above picture for watch performance of 100 days agenda of Imran Khan

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