Update & Expand Institutional Structure

Begin process of strengthening the Foreign Ministry by expanding its institutional capacity, capability and global outreach, including legal capacity. Establish a policy coordination cell within the PM office to coordinate inputs from key national stakeholders into the foreign policy for informed decision making.

Increase Pakistan’s Regional & Global Relevance

  • Initiate new policies rooted in Pakistan’s priorities, including a conflict resolution approach towards improving our relations with our eastern and western neighbours. Initiate work on a blueprint towards resolving the Kashmir issue within the parameters of UNSC resolutions.
  • Improve Pakistan’s relevance, regionally and globally, both at the bilateral and multilateral levels including moves to expand the existing strategic partnership with China, as well as with our other allies in the region.

Leverage Foreign Policy to Strengthen The Economy

Prioritise politicoeconomic diplomacy to revitalise the economy through foreign direct investment and trade. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Commerce to prepare a roadmap to this effect.

Form A National Security Organisation

Form a holistic National Security Organisation (NSO) – headed by the PM- on the model of National Command Authority (NCA) which will comprise two parts: the Plenary Council (policy and strategy) and the Specialist Working Group. NACTA will act as the Secretariat of the NSO.

Enhance Internal Security

To counter terrorism, begin implementing a comprehensive internal security policy based on 4 E’s: Expose (links between active and passive terrorists), Enforce (full implementation and expansion of the National Action Plan), Eliminate (through isolation, extermination and blowback prevention), and Educate (restructure syllabi and mainstream madrasas).

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