Transform Health & Education

Launch PTI’s health and education blueprints, detailing out a step by step plan on how the access, quality and management of health and education services will be transformed and depoliticised in five years of PTI government.

Expand The Social Safety Net

Retain and improve BISP as the primary social safety net tool for the ultra-poor, expand Sehat Insaf card to the poorest families across Pakistan and launch special assistance programmes for persons with disabilities.

Champion Women Development

Launch PTI’s women’s development plan; initiate criminal justice reform; protect inheritance rights; launch Women Economic Empowerment package.

Provide Clean Drinking Water for All

Announce short and medium term plans, with immediate implementation roadmap by federal government to provide clean drinking water to every citizen. Start implementation in Islamabad and provincial capitals before expanding nationwide.

Champion Green Growth

Establish Green Growth Task Force to initiate legislation and projects under PTI’s Green Growth Agenda. Announce countrywide 10 Billion Tree Tsunami programme; and launch the “urban tree tsunami” in provincial capitals.

Click the above picture for watch performance of 100 days agenda of Imran Khan

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