Punjab a rich culture of Pakistan

basantIn the Pakistan Punjab is largest province by the population. 56% of the total population is the Punjab population; it has 36 Districts and is contributing about 50 – 60 % of the economy. Punjab is most popular for its culture.  Pakistani Villages are the best places from where the glimpses of Pakistani culture are clearly visible. All the people from villages give more respects to their traditions, culture and norms and do according to their traditions. Punjab people are like to celebrate each and every tradition of their culture, Punjab is very rich with literature and Sufis adds more in its literature. Provincial capital Lahore is popular for its recreational events and activities. Lahori’s are famous all over the country for their celebrations particularly for Basant festival and people from different cities specially go there to celebrate Basant. Life line for agriculture of Punjab are the five rivers, in the villages people are very kind and concerned about each

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