Punjab Assembly Members would have huge salaries

The Punjab Assembly members are entitled to draw Rs 83,000 as monthly salary besides different allowances that take the total tally to Rs 109,000 (One lack and nine thousand) per month.
Other allowances like travelling allowance and accommodation allowance are paid during the days when the Assembly is in session.
A Punjab Assembly member who is not provided official accommodation in MPAs hostels is given Rs 1500 per day for accommodation during the Assembly session and meetings of the parliamentary committees. And if he chooses to have accommodation in some hotel, the government pays up to maximum of Rs 4000 per day also including his original Rs 1500 daily allowance.
A parliamentary secretary, however, is paid Rs 2500 per day as accommodation allowance.
Punjab Assembly has two hostels which can provide accommodation to only 96 members out of total 371.
A member is also entitled to receive Rs 3100 per day as session allowance as long as the Assembly is in session. This allowance is counted four days prior to the start of the session and as many as days after the session ends. In case of committee meetings, this allowance is counted three days prior to the meeting and three days after it.
Assembly members who come to attend the session from cities except Lahore are given travelling allowance at the rate Rs 15
per kilometers.
Members receive different amounts under this head depending on the distance of their usual residence from the Assembly premises.
All members are also paid Rs 1,20,000(One lac and twenty thousand) per year under the head of annual travelling vouchers in respect of air travel. If the amount is spread over 12 months, the count comes to Rs 10,000 a month. Members are also entitled to receive Rs 6000 per month as utility allowance and Rs 10,000 sumptuous allowance.
Apart from this, a member is also entitled to get free medical treatment at government hospitals.
A member may also be paid all medical bills if he/she chooses to get treatment at some private hospital subject to recommendations of a medical board constituted by the government.
If the medial, travelling and accommodation allowances are excluded from the total payments made to the members, their net salary per month comes out to Rs 109,000 per month.(One lac and nine thousand rupees).
Speaker and the Deputy Speaker are also entitled to receive these allowances as members of the Assembly. But their monthly salary is not more than Rs 56,000. However, both are also entitled to have designated accommodation. There is a Speaker House for the Speaker and Deputy Speaker’s House for the Deputy Speaker. They are also entitled to keep official cars and Assembly staff to assist them. All their utility bills are paid by the government

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