Sent Nawaz Sharif London: work started on Plan

Some hidden forces working to sent Nawaz Sharif in London

Sent Nawaz Sharif London: work started on Plan



Sent Nawaz Sharif to London plan has been finalized and work on it has been started. This may be done on medical grounds. The escape Nawaz plan was settled during his bail in previous case. Now, Maryam Nawaz is inContact with authorities and working on plan is under going.

According to News Line, sources confirmed the news. The Power Corridors want a complete silence by Sharif Family, especially from Nawaz and his daughter Maryam. Maryam has agreed on it and surprisingly Mian Nawaz Sharif also fixed the terms. The escape Nawaz from country plan was finalized in last week of December, the working on this is going on. The power corridors has settled the game plan with Maryam Nawaz. Mr. Safdar has played a key role in settlement between the rulers and Sharifs. Maryam is the main stack holder and may she got a chance to play a political role in future.

The power corridors wants to sent Nawaz London first and then give Maryam a chance to play political role to Maryam. Power sharing formula between Shahbaz, Hamza and Maryam also have been finalized. The plan to Escape Nawaz Sharif from jail may also be on medical ground and it would be in next two or three weeks. The authorities are not agreed to give any chance to Mian Nawaz Sharif but some common friends play a role of communicator in this settlement to sent Nawaz Sharif to London.

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