Shah Mehmood Qureshi Happy to be Foreign Minister again

Shah Mehmood Qureshi has become Foreign minister of Pakistan, once again. Shah Mehmood is much happy to get foreign ministry again and glade to work in foreign affairs. He also showed his glad in first meeting in foreign office with media personals. Therefore Mr. Qureshi briefed the media about issues and PTI Govt. policies. He showed his deep happiness as “Yah tou wohi jaga ha – guzrey thy hm jahan say”. Mr. Qureshi also said the formal words “I am happy to be back at the Foreign Office”. As the PTI wins the election 2018, Qureshi was presented as the Foreign Minister but some hidden errors were there in it. Some presented him as chief minister Punjab but sources says that Mr Qureshi wants only to get foreign ministry and he did not get Punjab.

Consequently Mr. Shah mehmood Qureshi presented PTI Govt agenda on foreign affairs in first meeting with media personals. He said “I want to convey a message to people of Pakistan that the foreign policy will begin and end with the national interest”. Our prime priority shall be Pakistan. It is my utmost desire that the foreign policy of Pakistan may be reviewed. We have to reset the direction, if needed. First priority of Prime Minister is the well being of common man through economic diplomacy and international engagements. I am fully aware of challenges faced by us and desire is to address them and move forward. My priority will be; to have a national consensus on our foreign policy, by adopting a bipartisan approach.

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