Shahzada Zulfiqar (Baluchistan) Elected President PFUJ

Shahzada Zulfiqar from Baluchistan Elected President Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ)

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Baluchistan Based Shahzada Zulfiqar elected president Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ). It’s the first time that Pakistan’s premier and leading Journalists’ body have a head from the least populated province. Shahzada Zulfiqar represented Baluchistan Union of Journalists (BUJ) from three decades and had served on different position of BUJ and PFUJ. Shahzada as president PFUJ and his companion vice presidents Saleem Shahid (Baluchistan), Lala Asad Pathan (Sindh), Bakht Zada Yousafzai (KPK) and Rana Pervaz Hameed (Punjab) was elected unopposed while polling to elected other officials was in Boys Scouts Hall Karachi on 30 November.

The delegates from all over the Pakistan polled their votes. The seasoned journalist Nasir Zaidi from Islamabad scored 152 votes and elected as Secretary General PFUJ and Zulfiqar Ali Mehto contesting for Treasurer scored 149 votes.

Hamid Yaseen from Faisalabad scored highest 154 votes in the contest and elected Senior Assistant Secretary General. Shahid Ch from Abotabad 146, Khalid Khokhar from Haiderabad 146 and Muhammad Esa Tareen from Baluchistan 143 were elected Assistant Secretary Generals.

Ayub Jan Sarhandi 148, Ibrahim Khan 145, Afzal Butt 137, Nasir Hussain 137, Khursheed Abbasi 134, Lala Rehman Somoo 133, Mubarak Zeb Khan 133, Abul Rauf Maan 132, Banaras Khan 132, Javed Siddiqi 132, Makhdoom Bilal Amir 132, Javed Iqbal Amber 131, Muhammad Amin Abbasi 131, Ihsan ul Haq Anjam 130, Shabbir Mughal 129, Adil Akram 128, Dastar Shah 128, Imdad Buzdar 128, Muhammad Noor ul Amin 127, Zaheer Shahzad 127, Saeed Akhter 125, Raja Habib ur Rehman 123, Zaheer Khan Lodhi 122, Shafiq Raja 112 and Muhammad Akram Nasir 100 was elected members Federal Executive Council (FEC) of PFUJ.     

Dr. Tausef Ahmed Khan, chairman election committee, announced election results at the end of the polling and counting.  

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