Women Still Suffer Violence, ill treatment in Pakistan

Women Still Suffer Violence, ill treatment in Pakistan
Despite plenty of legislation, women still suffer violence and ill treatment. It is imperative to have strong implementation mechanism and political will to implement pro-women legislation to empower the women in true sense. Such demands are raised by the civil society groups to empower the women.
Successive governments take several legislative measures and established human rights institutions in recent past for the protection of women rights. Thus, the women are still struggling for the recognition as an equal human being with certain freedoms and liberties enshrined in the statutes.
As per the statistic issued by a women rights concerned body Association of Women for Awareness and Motivation (AWAM), astonishingly 983 incidents against women are recorded including 174 of rape, 42 of attempt to rape, 80 of murders,1 attempt to murder while 23 of murder in the name of honor. In the same vein, 467 women were kidnapped, 36 attempts were made to kidnap, 19 of burning/acid throwing, 8 of forced marriage, 73 of different forms of violence, 1 of women’s smuggling, 12 of abortion, 16 of sexual harassment, and one case of mutilation.
Executive Director AWAM Nazia Sardar said “It is constitutional obligation towards government for ensuring women rights as enshrined in Article 25, 34 and 35 yet feeble institutional setup and scarce resources are challenge.”
Former Secretary General Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) Shamsul Islam Naz said that women are part of society and they must be treated as human being. Keep in consideration that women and child are vulnerable part of society, our constitution is giving the especial rights as vulnerable part of society to both of them, so they have to be treated as special.
Former parliamentarian Dr. Najma Afzal said “previous government took applaudable legislative measures and announced women empowerment packages that reflected the sincerity of the parliamentarians to empower the women in real sense.” “Yet the existing ruling party is responsible to sustain the momentum and carry forward the agenda of women empowerment,” she added.
Dr Noreen Aziz Qureshi, former vice chancellor Government College University for Women Faisalabad said “increased number of reported cases regarding violence against women shows the enhanced level of awareness and sensitization of general masses that break the culture of silence.” “It is imperative to influence the behaviors and attitudes of the public towards women to increase the social acceptance of women an equal and independent entity,” she suggested.
it’s worst to see the gradually increase in reported cases of crimes against women, but it’s a sign of awareness about the legal rights in society also. Civil society including Media played a substantial role in this regard.
incidents of violence against women are on increase, because the present legal system does not efficiently address the problems.
He demanded that the government take practical actions to develop an efficient monitoring plan to check implementation of the laws and hold culprits of crimes against women in order to ensure a safe environment for them.
Despite several legal frameworks and empowerment packages, in the year 2018, total 983 cases of violence against women were reported in different police stations of Faisalabad. With respect to this, I would appreciate your reflection upon the ratio of violence against women in Punjab Generally and in Faisalabad specifically.

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